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The UT Health Science Center Social Media Directory

I am very pleased to announce that the UT Health Science Center’s website now includes an official directory of social media channels being used by schools, departments, and other units to support the University’s mission!  It’s easy to find — from the University homepage, choose the “Directories” menu on the left, then “Social Media”.

I really believe a central directory like this one is a great first step in helping departments across the University become more aware of each others’ social media work.  I encourage all social media users at the University — especially those on that list — to follow/like other University channels of interest, and help to amplify each others’ messages by commenting, retweeting, mentioning, liking, and sharing useful and interesting posts across those channels.

Thanks so much to the Office of External Affairs, and particularly to Rene Torres, for all your help in making this a reality.  Please help us continue to keep this directory complete and up-to-date by sending in any updates using the link at the bottom of the directory page.


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Jeff Jackson just brought my attention to a very interesting new resource, which appears to be just released to the public  a couple of weeks ago.  FollowEDU (on twitter at @WhoToFollowEDU) is a directory of twitter users in higher education.  You can search or browse the directory not only by name or institution, but also by areas of interest.  You can sign in with your twitter account to create a profile on FollowEDU, and associate that profile with your areas of interest.  The selections of interest areas are very interesting & granular, under categories such as:

  • Academics (disciplines, including Health Professions, Nursing, Pre-Medicine, Library Sciences, etc…)
  • Departments (i.e. Admissions, Career Services, Information Services & Technology, Marketing & Communications…)
  • Education & Learning (Adult Learners, Education Policy, Education Technology, Instructional Design…)
  • Higher Education Issues (Affordability, Diversity, Ethics, Retention, Social Justice…)
  • Organizations (AACN, AAMC, AAUP, EDUCAUSE, HACU, NAAHP…)
  • Technology (Classroom Technology, Learning Management Systems, Mobile Computing…)
  • Web & Communication (Branding, Content Strategy, Photography, Social Media, Usability, Video, Web Design…)

This makes it easy to browse and locate people who share your professional interests.  Even for experienced higher ed twitter users, this can mean a twitter stream with a much better “signal to noise” ratio and greater professional value.  For others, FollowEDU could be an ideal tool to introduce new higher education users to twitter’s professional possibilities.  Kudos to Mike Petroff of Emerson College in Boston for creating this smart service.

[Update 2012-02-08 22:45] Mike Petroff added “#prismSA” to the list of hashtags you can add yourself to if you sign up for FollowEDU.  Cool!  Also, if you’re at the Health Science Center, be sure to specify your institution as “University of Texas – Health Science Center at San Antonio” so that we’ll all be listed together.

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PrISM poster for San Antonio Health Literacy Conference

Bridgett and I are presenting a poster about PrISM today at the San Antonio Health Literacy Conference.  I’ve uploaded the poster to Scribd to make it available online as well:

You can use the first button in the toolbar to enlarge that to fullscreen for easier viewing.

Please let us know what you think!

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Healthcare hashtags to watch

Today, Monday 19 September, I highly recommend you take a look at the tweets tagged #sxsh coming out of the second Social Health Summit.  The first one took place in Austin just before SXSW in 2010; the second is happening today in Philadelphia.  There are so many really smart people in attendance and taking part in the conversation that it’s bound to be a very enlightening hashtag.  The day is kicking off right now with an opening talk by Todd Park, Chief Technology Officer of the Department of Health & Human Services.

Hashtags are the key to leveraging Twitter for real professional development.  To learn more about hashtags, start with this helpful post from the Twitter help center.  To find useful healthcare-related hashtags to follow and connect with colleagues, I highly recommend the Healthcare Hashtags Project from Fox ePractice — a community-built directory of hashtags relevant to healthcare professionals and topics.

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Quarterly “Action Breakfast” for nonprofits in social media

There’s a terrific learning & networking opportunity coming up next week for PrISM folks: the quarterly “Action Breakfast” for nonprofits will take place right near campus, at the Ecumenical Center for Religion & Health (8310 Ewing Halsell) from 9am to 11am.  The theme of the meeting is “On Beyond Words” — discussion will focus on how to enrich your web and social media presence with audio, video, and images.  Jeff Jackson from the Health Science Center will be one of the discussion leaders. The event is free, but space is limited, so please register here.

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Finding San Antonio’s Social Media Scene (via Kathy Babb)

At last week’s PrISM meeting, there was some discussion of the importance of getting to know San Antonio’s social media community, in order to take advantage of learning opportunities, make connections with people who can help increase the reach of your social media efforts, and (not least) get to know fun & interesting people. At that meeting we briefly mentioned the #bmpr tweetups and the Social Media Breakfast (#smbsa), but I just found this excellent guide from Kathy Babb’s blog that covers the topic far more completely. Be sure to click “Read More” to get the full story, and you’ll see that she mentions PrISM — which puts us in some very illustrious company 😉

Before I got involved in the local social media scene, I kept hearing about various ‘tweetups’ and camps but had no idea what they were or who was putting them on. I ended up scouring the ‘Internets’ and came up with a wealth of San Antonio events that I frequent to this day. I hope the list below is useful to you.  Please comment if I am missing anything or have misspoken and I will gladly update. The BMPR One of San Antonio’s first tweetups and … Read More

via Kathy Babb

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