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Professional development opportunity: The Social MEDia Course

Dr Bertalan Meskó (@Berci) is an MD who teaches at the University of Debrecen (Hungary) Medical and Health Science Center, while he is working on his PhD in personalized genomics.  He has also established himself as a real pioneer, curator and educator on medicine and emerging “Web 2.0” online technologies.  He blogs at ScienceRoll and created a fantastic directory of quality social media resources in dozens of medical disciplines, for professionals and patients alike, called Webicina.  In 2008, he launched a course at UDMHSC on “Medicine and Web 2.0”;  he taught the course in Hungarian during the fall semester and English in the spring semester.  After several years, hundreds of students, conference presentations and lots of inquiries, Dr Meskó has reworked his course for a global online audience, and is calling it “The Social MEDia Course.”

The course launched yesterday, and includes sixteen modules.  Each module includes an interactive presentation built with Prezi, which Dr Meskó estimates will take between 40 and 80 minutes for most students, and an evaluation, which takes 10-12 minutes.  Participants can earn badges for successfully completing each module and passing its evaluation.  Best of all, this excellent professional development opportunity is completely free of charge.  Thanks to Dr Meskó for his excellent work and for building this very useful course!


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Social media in the medical school curriculum

Neil Mehta of Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner College of Medicine just announced that two of his students had presentations on social media in healthcare accepted for the Society of General Internal Medicine Annual Meeting in May 2012.  The titles of the two presentations: “Swimming in the Murky Waters of Social Media? Don’t Let Your White Coat Get Dirty: A Workshop for Medical Students” and “Professionalism in Social Media – Do existing guidelines fail a reality check?”

What’s particularly notable about this is that both presentations grew out of a case-based workshop on professionalism in Social Media that Dr Mehta had built into the curriculum for MS3s (third-year medical students) last May.  Dr Mehta chose a particularly interesting case as the centerpiece of the workshop — a case about which respected and experienced professionals had disagreed and discussed rather passionately — via social media, of course.  Dr Mehta described the case and his plans for the workshop on his own blog.

Social media are an inherent part of the communications tools that current medical students will use as professionals to interact with their colleagues, their patients, and the public at large.  How well are we preparing those students to be successful if our curricula fail to consider these media as part of the healthcare environment?  Dr Mehta has posted a number of interesting observations on his blog on healthcare social media and medical education — I invite you to browse the posts tagged “social media” on his blog.

Congratulations to Dr Mehta and his students for their forward thinking.

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Social Media Grand Rounds x2

Last Friday afternoon, Dr Jeanette Ross, geriatrics and palliative medicine specialist, presented at the South Texas Regional Family Medicine Grand Rounds here at the UT Health Science Center, on the topic “Professional Uses of Social Media in Healthcare”.  Dr Ross did a fantastic job, and even if you didn’t get the chance to be there, the live webcast of her presentation was archived online for on-demand viewing.  In addition, her slides can be found below (in two sections):

Today I discovered another excellent Grand Rounds presentation, this time by gastroenterologist Dr Ryan Madanick of the UNC School of Medicine, focused on social media in medical education.  Dr Madanick streamed his Grand Rounds live at noon today (EDT, 11am CDT) and will do so again at 4:30pm this afternoon (EDT, 3:30pm CDT).  His webcast from the first presentation can be found here on his Ustream channel.  In addition, Dr Madanick has also shared his slides on SlideShare:

Both of these presentations are well-presented introductions with a great mixture of background information, specific case studies, and high-quality references.  I highly recommend both.

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ActionCamp 2011: Professional Development built by you!

I’d encourage all my colleagues interested in emerging technologies and community outreach to consider an exciting new kind of professional development opportunity coming up at the end of this month.  ActionCamp San Antonio is a chance for innovators from the local education and nonprofit communities to come together, share and learn from each other about strategies, technology tools and experiences.  ActionCamp uses the participatory “unconference” style to create an open environment for networking, discussion, live demos and lots of interaction. Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcomed and invited to join.

ActionCamp San Antonio 2011 will be held Friday, October 28 from 9am – 4pm at the Courtyard San Antonio SeaWorld Westover Hills.  Registration is only $25 for educators and nonprofits, and includes breakfast and lunch.  For more details and registration, please go to

Please pass along to colleagues in the community who might be interested!  If you have questions, please contact me at or 210-567-2486.

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Healthcare hashtags to watch

Today, Monday 19 September, I highly recommend you take a look at the tweets tagged #sxsh coming out of the second Social Health Summit.  The first one took place in Austin just before SXSW in 2010; the second is happening today in Philadelphia.  There are so many really smart people in attendance and taking part in the conversation that it’s bound to be a very enlightening hashtag.  The day is kicking off right now with an opening talk by Todd Park, Chief Technology Officer of the Department of Health & Human Services.

Hashtags are the key to leveraging Twitter for real professional development.  To learn more about hashtags, start with this helpful post from the Twitter help center.  To find useful healthcare-related hashtags to follow and connect with colleagues, I highly recommend the Healthcare Hashtags Project from Fox ePractice — a community-built directory of hashtags relevant to healthcare professionals and topics.

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Social Media Conference Sessions

I wanted to share with you some videos from a online conference I hosted last year. Enjoy

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Great presentation from Mayo Clinic Transform 2011 Symposium

Mayo Clinic’s Transform 2011 Symposium is going on today — I highly recommend that you check out the twitter discussions with the hashtag #txfm11 for some very thought-provoking ideas.

A short while ago, Mayo’s Lee Aase, “ePatient Dave” deBronkart, and Dr Brian Vartebedian presented a breakout session entitled “The Transformational Power – and Promise – of Social Media.”  You can check out their slideshow below or on SlideShare.

Slides 1-55 are Lee’s, slides 56-77 are Dave’s, and slides 78-91 are Brian’s.  If you’re intrigued by their ideas, I’d encourage you to learn more about each of them — they are all great innovative healthcare thought leaders, each in his own way.

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