Critique and response

  1. Among the many tweets about this past Sunday’s White Coat Ceremony for the incoming Medical School Class of 2016 — mostly congratulating and recognizing friends and family members — we also found this:
  2. bestieverchad
    @uthscsa your 2 tix per 1st year at white coat is ridiculous. Have a spouse & parents? Tough luck. Make lots of people happy: bigger venue
    Sun, Jul 22 2012 06:58:20
  3. bestieverchad
    .@uthscsa at least it’s not hot outside standing in the sun for an hour and a half, hoping there’s addtl space…
    Sun, Jul 22 2012 07:02:24
  4. bestieverchad
    .@uthscsa have you ever counted the # of grandparents > age of 65 waiting in the heatstroke line? Really? Really!?
    Sun, Jul 22 2012 07:08:22
  5. bestieverchad
    .@uthscsa “welcome to UTHSCSA, please feel free to utilize your handicap parking tag to park right next to the building.”
    Sun, Jul 22 2012 07:10:57
  6. bestieverchad
    .@uthscsa “But the back of the line is around the corner gramps…”
    Sun, Jul 22 2012 07:13:13
  7. These tweets were picked up by Health Science Center staff monitoring twitter on Monday and forwarded to folks in ATS and Medical School who could use them for future planning.  But also, David Hotchkiss replied that he had a good conversation with @bestieverchad in person after the white coat ceremony, and had gathered a lot of helpful input that he could apply in future events.

    David didn’t stop there, though — since @bestieverchad’s tweets were clearly directed to @uthscsa, a twitter reponse was appropriate…
  8. davidhotchkiss
    @bestieverchad @uthscsa I wanted to again thank you for your comments on Sun. I shared them right away; next yr w/b even better thx to u!
    Mon, Jul 23 2012 11:08:31
  9. …and it was well received:
  10. bestieverchad
    Great example of a school making positive changes via Twitter? @davidhotchkiss at @uthscsa asking que’s, taking ownership, & vowing change.
    Mon, Jul 23 2012 12:53:29
  11. bestieverchad
    @davidhotchkiss glad to know someone as in-tune as you are & focused to make @uthscsa better is there for my significant other & other MS1’s
    Mon, Jul 23 2012 13:08:02
  12. davidhotchkiss
    @bestieverchad @uthscsa By sharing your thoughts you are already living our mission to “Make Lives Better”. Honored to meet you.
    Tue, Jul 24 2012 04:57:29

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