WSJ: Better Leadership through Social Media

Monday’s Wall Street Journal featured a great guide by Alexandra Samuel on how executives can use social media tools to be more effective leaders.  Suggestions included:

  1. “Create a Leadership Dashboard” — the idea of using aggregation tools such as Google Reader of Flipboard to pull together key business intelligence sources in one place
  2. “Stay Focused” — using productivity and collaboration tools like MindMeister and BaseCamp — or even using Pinterest as an “online vision board”
  3. “Change Channels” — escape the noise of email by sending and receiving quick urgent communications via Twitter direct message
  4. “Join a CEO-cial Network” of a small number of respected & trusted executives (5-15) in a private Twitter list, Facebook friends list or Google+ circle, and make that the first list you check whenever you sit down with any of those social tools
  5. “Build a Golf Course” — create a social space that is relaxing and restorative, that you can enjoy in those key five minutes of downtime between meetings, whether it’s a photo-sharing community or a Words With Friends game.
  6. “Amplify Your Voice” — project your charisma online through a CEO blog, Twitter feed or YouTube channel; you’ve already got the content. Turn your “read this” emails into links you share on Twitter, your key speeches into YouTube videos, and your “job well done” emails into blogposts.

Do you think these suggestions would work for executives you know?  Do you have others?


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