Jeff Jackson just brought my attention to a very interesting new resource, which appears to be just released to the public  a couple of weeks ago.  FollowEDU (on twitter at @WhoToFollowEDU) is a directory of twitter users in higher education.  You can search or browse the directory not only by name or institution, but also by areas of interest.  You can sign in with your twitter account to create a profile on FollowEDU, and associate that profile with your areas of interest.  The selections of interest areas are very interesting & granular, under categories such as:

  • Academics (disciplines, including Health Professions, Nursing, Pre-Medicine, Library Sciences, etc…)
  • Departments (i.e. Admissions, Career Services, Information Services & Technology, Marketing & Communications…)
  • Education & Learning (Adult Learners, Education Policy, Education Technology, Instructional Design…)
  • Higher Education Issues (Affordability, Diversity, Ethics, Retention, Social Justice…)
  • Organizations (AACN, AAMC, AAUP, EDUCAUSE, HACU, NAAHP…)
  • Technology (Classroom Technology, Learning Management Systems, Mobile Computing…)
  • Web & Communication (Branding, Content Strategy, Photography, Social Media, Usability, Video, Web Design…)

This makes it easy to browse and locate people who share your professional interests.  Even for experienced higher ed twitter users, this can mean a twitter stream with a much better “signal to noise” ratio and greater professional value.  For others, FollowEDU could be an ideal tool to introduce new higher education users to twitter’s professional possibilities.  Kudos to Mike Petroff of Emerson College in Boston for creating this smart service.

[Update 2012-02-08 22:45] Mike Petroff added “#prismSA” to the list of hashtags you can add yourself to if you sign up for FollowEDU.  Cool!  Also, if you’re at the Health Science Center, be sure to specify your institution as “University of Texas – Health Science Center at San Antonio” so that we’ll all be listed together.


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  1. Thanks for sharing my new project with your readers! We just launched in late January, so you can expect to see more features added to FollowEDU in the coming months. I encourage users to submit new Interest ideas for the site on Twitter using #FollowEDUinterest – we’ve added about 80 new Interests into the site since launching.

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