Some recent articles on teaching with Twitter

At the last PrISM meetup, Dr Adelita Cantu mentioned her idea for using Twitter as a discussion and resource-sharing channel for her fall Nursing 4514 class.  I mentioned at the time that I had seen a recent article in the journal Nurse Educator on using Twitter; the citation for that article is:

Trueman MS, Miles DG. Twitter in the classroom: twenty-first century flash cards. Nurse Educ. 2011 Sep-Oct;36(5): 183-6. DOI: 10.1097/NNE.0b013e3182297a07

UT Health Science Center faculty, staff & students can access that article at

Since that last meetup, I’ve noticed a couple more very good articles on Twitter in the classroom that might be of interest to PrISM folks.

First, the ProfHacker blog at the Chronicle of Higher Education featured a couple of excellent posts by Mark Sample of George Mason University: “A Framework for Teaching with Twitter” from August 16, and then a follow-up post, “Practical Advice for Teaching with Twitter” on August 25.

Then, today (via Twitter) I discovered an article that’s actually been out on the Medicine and Technology blog for a couple of months.  The post looks at Twitter benefits from a medical student’s point of view: “#TwitterStudying: A Med Student’s Experiences with Twitter as a Study Tool and Support Network” by Brittany Chan, an MBA and MS3 at TTUHSC.


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