Finding San Antonio’s Social Media Scene (via Kathy Babb)

At last week’s PrISM meeting, there was some discussion of the importance of getting to know San Antonio’s social media community, in order to take advantage of learning opportunities, make connections with people who can help increase the reach of your social media efforts, and (not least) get to know fun & interesting people. At that meeting we briefly mentioned the #bmpr tweetups and the Social Media Breakfast (#smbsa), but I just found this excellent guide from Kathy Babb’s blog that covers the topic far more completely. Be sure to click “Read More” to get the full story, and you’ll see that she mentions PrISM — which puts us in some very illustrious company 😉

Before I got involved in the local social media scene, I kept hearing about various ‘tweetups’ and camps but had no idea what they were or who was putting them on. I ended up scouring the ‘Internets’ and came up with a wealth of San Antonio events that I frequent to this day. I hope the list below is useful to you.  Please comment if I am missing anything or have misspoken and I will gladly update. The BMPR One of San Antonio’s first tweetups and … Read More

via Kathy Babb


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