New whitepaper: “Engaging E-Patients in Clinical Trials through Social Media”

At each our first three PrISM meetups, we have had participants who are involved in the research enterprise who have expressed in exploring how to use social media effectively to connect with patients and potential clinical trial participants.

Earlier today, this tweet by John Sharp led me to a new whitepaper that may be of interest those research folks and others like them.  The paper, “Engaging E-Patients in Clinical Trials through Social Media,” [PDF document] was authored by a firm called Blue Chip Patient Recruitment, and is based on a survey they conducted earlier this year.  The survey examined several aspects of online patients and their communities:

  • their behaviors and participation in online health communities
  • their knowledge of and motivations toward clinical trials
  • their views of what information sources they find most credible regarding clinical trials
  • their awareness of existing online sources of clinical trail information

The whitepaper then draws inferences from the findings of the survey, and makes suggestions for researchers who wish to develop a plan for including social media in their clinical trial outreach strategy.  Some of those recommendations are summarized in this article from Healthcare IT News; see the full report itself for additional details and recommendations.

If you are aware of other helpful resources on effective use of social media for clinical trial outreach, please include your suggestions in the comments.  Thanks!


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