Mrs Muñoz Knows Best

In their presentation at the PrISM meetup this past Wednesday, Leni Kirkman and her social media team from University Health System mentioned the “Mrs Muñoz Knows Best” video series on their YouTube channel.  We didn’t have a chance to show one of the videos during the meeting, so I wanted to make sure you all got a chance to see one or more.  Here’s the most recent video in the series, on Summer Skin Protection:

I was actually fortunate enough to watch the filming of that particular spot during the “Mrs Muñoz Knows Best” Tweetup that University Health System sponsored back in mid-May.  Here are a couple of photos I took then:

I came away from that tweetup impressed with how efficient a process they had created.  Due to the “jump cut” style of the videos, which works fine for quick web videos, they were able to spend most of their effort on good scripting and editing/post-production.  The actual filming was done in just a couple of takes, with the producers “feeding” Mrs Muñoz her lines as the filming progressed.  But the key to the whole thing is Mrs Muñoz herself — she’s such a great, strong, grandmotherly character that she just makes the whole thing work.  Take a look at all the Mrs Muñoz videos on this YouTube playlist from University Health System.


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