Recap of June meetup

We had another packed house this past Wednesday afternoon when over 40 people attended our June PrISM meetup.  While we enjoyed paletas from El Paraiso, we went around the room and introduced ourselves and cited what were our biggest social media challenges right now, which led to some exchange of useful suggestions and ideas.

After that, Leni Kirkman (sitting on table at right in this picture) and her social media team from University Health System gave a candid and interactive presentation on UHS’s “Social Media Journey.”  Leni’s description of their struggles, challenges and successes — including lots of input from her team members — touched off some great discussion among the group.

Once again, Susan Hallmark took excellent notes from the meeting and has been kind enough to share them with us.  You’ll find her notes below — use the toolbar buttons at the bottom of the box to view fullscreen, download, etc.  Susan’s notes include links to a number of the resources and sites discussed during the meeting.

The discussion around the UHS presentation was so active and engaging that we didn’t have time for the planned “show-and-tell” on RSS tools, but I put up a separate blog post that gives a rundown of the tools I was planning to discuss.  If you have questions about those tools and how I use them, please let me know in the comments below and I’d be happy to get in touch with you personally.

Looking forward to our next meetup in July!  You can RSVP now for that meeting at


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