For discussion: GME Social Networking Policy, and a critique

At our meetup this past Wednesday afternoon, Jeanette Ross mentioned a social networking policy for Graduate Medical Education that addressed residents’ use of the Internet and Social Networking sites.  I mentioned that a draft of that proposal had been presented to the Computing Resources Committee (CRC) at the Health Science Center about a year ago with a request for feedback, and that I had submitted feedback in response to that request, but that I didn’t realize the policy had been finalized and made official.

After the meeting, Jeanette sent me the link to the policy in question, which took effect in May 2010 as GME Policy 5.2.  It is essentially identical to the draft that was presented at the CRC meeting on the 1st of April, 2010.

I have posted the text of the email that I sent after that meeting, in response to the GME Office’s request for feedback.  It is a rather thorough critique — perhaps too thorough to be effective — but I felt that there were a number of areas where the broad language used in the policy could lead to serious implications down the road, and I figured that’s what they were hoping to understand by requesting feedback from CRC members.

What’s your view?  Is it important for an organization to have a social media policy like this one in place?  How can we help our own organizations develop guidance for professional and effective use of social media that will allow them to manage risk while maximizing the potential for support of their missions?


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