Great meetup today!

We had a great turnout for our first meetup today!  Thanks to all of you who joined us for the very lively discussion, and to Bridgett Piernik-Yoder and Jeanette Ross for your presentations!

We agreed to stick with the fourth Wednesday of the month, which would make our next meetup on the 25th of May.  I realized after the meeting that the 7th Annual Innovations in Online Learning Conference starts that same afternoon at the Hyatt Regency River Walk, so I may poll everyone to see if that presents a conflict for lots of people.  If so, we might try a morning timeslot for the May meetup.

Areas of interest that I noted on the whiteboard for future discussion included:

  • integration across units & websites
  • increasing effectiveness of communications channels (alternatives/supplements to email)
  • use for professional/scientific networking & collaboration, including international
  • monitoring social media effectively
  • strategic planning for social media
  • mobile reach possibilities
  • community outreach: patients, providers, PBRNs and other research efforts (thanks, Lillian!)
  • security and privacy of patient health information, research subject identity, datasets, etc.
  • impact of social media on established institutional policy — and vice-versa
  • “show and tell”: how-tos, concrete benefits & use cases, demonstrations

Did I miss anything?  What else are you interested in pursuing?  What other feedback do you have from today’s meetup?

I’ll try to get the slideshows up online for you to view soon!
[Update 2011-04-28 6:25am: Bridgett’s slideshow and my slideshow are now posted.]
[Update 2011-05-02 4:30pm: Jeanette’s slideshow is now also posted, as well as Susan Hallmark’s notes from the meeting.]



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4 responses to “Great meetup today!

  1. Lillian Sanchez

    Add research to community outreach. Not all research participants are patients.

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