CTSA Social Media Highlights

Slideshare was mentioned a couple of times during our meetup today.  Slideshare is a social network designed for sharing presentations — so it’s a great way to share presentations that you have created in PowerPoint or Keynote, or even videos or webinars, as well as supporting documents like handouts.  Since it’s a social tool, it’s also a great way to discover excellent presentations and learning materials created by others.

One of my favorite features of Slideshare is “slidecasting” — the ability to publish a slideshow online with audio narration, and synchronize the slideshow with the audio.  I have uploaded the pecha-kucha talk I gave this afternoon to Slideshare as a slidecast, complete with the audio.  You can view it below, or follow this link to view it in my Slideshare space.

So here’s the pecha-kucha talk I gave today, on CTSA institutes using social media to achieve their research goals:


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